Through Your Eyes (2019)

"Through Your Eyes" attempts to explore the ways people see the world as inspired by my partner’s eye condition, optic nerve hypoplasia. His specific case of this condition displays as his left eye being completely blind, therefore his sense of depth perception and peripheral vision are altered. Through this project, exploring optics and media and manipulating three-dimensional imaging techniques, I hope to have gained a better understanding of how my partner experiences life through his eyes and allow viewers to empathize with the experience of having only one functioning eye.

Only two to twelve percent of people are unable to see three-dimensional imagery, making this project a unique exploration into a relatively uncommon experience. Certain daily experiences that I take for granted, such as the ability to walk into a new space and use my normal depth perception to navigate the space, are much harder for my partner since he has to use spatial memory to move through spaces easily. Although his contact with simulated three-dimensional experiences is less frequent, he never enjoys the same effects that are intended for the viewer as it requires binocular vision. These unique perspectives of experiencing both the real and simulated world inspired me to create this project to simulate his interactions with natural and fabricated reality.

The visual experience of my project is based on these varied experiences my partner encounters. My choice to include daily occurrences stems from the often overlooked nature of things I experience that are different for him. The goal is to disorient the viewer to take them out of their normal viewing experience and feel the confusion my partner experiences when coming into a new space. The interactivity allows a still image to become variable and invites the audience to interact with the work and gain a tangible idea of the way he views the world. By manipulating three-dimensional imaging, I give viewers with normal or corrected-to-normal vision an opportunity to experience the inability to participate in this simulated environment and understand the concept of disorientation in everyday space.

* 3D glasses intended for full experience

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